Who We Are

The Homeless FA is England’s national homeless football association, the only one of its kind in the UK.


We use football to give everyone experiencing homelessness in England the empowering opportunity to develop their skills and abilities, gain self-respect and confidence, improve their health, and ultimately positively transform his or her life. We also support all programmes that use football as a means of improving the lives of people experiencing homelessness in England.


Central to our work is the promotion of positive self-perception of our players, whilst challenging and changing negative public perceptions of people experiencing homelessness.




We encourage the homelessness sector to utilise the power of football, and empower the sporting world to recognise football’s potential to support the most vulnerable members of society. This includes education about the complex needs and challenges facing people experiencing homelessness. We support relevant research, and the monitoring and evaluation of homeless football initiatives. Data and information that clarify what works, how and why are crucial to discovering new opportunities and improving delivery.




The Homeless FA selects and manages Homeless Team England and is the designated national partner of the Homeless World Cup. Every person experiencing homelessness has the chance to represent Homeless Team England, with the squad selected through our award-winning Training Centre programme. Selection is made using inclusive assessment criteria, with particular focus on positive attitude, teamwork, commitment, interpersonal and organisational skills, and improved physical health.


During the Team England Programme, priority is given to the personal growth of the players, promoting a positive image of what it means to be homeless in England. Homeless Team England is an affiliate partner of the FA and part of their Club England structure. As part of this official partnership, all Team England squad players are invited to train at the FA’s National Football Centre at St George’s Park.

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The Homeless FA is part of Centrepoint, the UK’s leading youth homelessness charity. Centrepoint was a founding partner of the Homeless FA and the two charities merged in 2014 to enable more people experiencing homelessness to have the opportunity to positively transform their lives through football.

Who We Are