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Homeless World Cup Poznań 2013 – Final day

Francis Campos and Kat Blissett    Francis When I woke up this morning it suddenly hit me… today was the last day of the Homeless World Cup, and I really didn’t want to go home. We gathered all of Team England together after breakfast and I could tell that many of my teammates were feeling […]

Homeless World Cup Poznań 2013 – Day 8

Donald Wheatley and Toni Woroch    Donald (Duck!) To be asked to be captain again was a real honour. Shows I’m doing something right! My foot that I injured earlier in the week (jumping into the lake!) was still bad, but I managed to play 1st half against Finland. I scored a goal (even with […]

Homeless World Cup Poznań 2013 – Day 7

Daniel Fortune and Bex Wallace   Daniel May I first start off by thanking the Homeless FA for this once in a lifetime opportunity. It’s unreal! I started the day off jamming on a guitar with Dennis and Israel (Team USA). We jam on the steps every morning for some weird reason. Things that seem […]

Homeless World Cup Poznań 2013 – Day 6

Jordan Harnett and Stacey Scannell   Jordan Good day sports fans and welcome to the sixth day of the games of the Homeless World Cup in Poznań… and it was a better day then the ones before! I am captain you see? Victory comes in all shapes and sizes and today we were all victorious! […]

Homeless World Cup Poznań 2013 – Day 5

Kinsleigh Casimir & Nicky Andrew (Captains)  Kinsleigh Woke up buzzing knowing I was going to be captain thinking… WALES, CAPTAIN, GONNA SMASH IT! Flew straight from breakfast to the Believe FC session and found out that the topic was “Champions”, which got me even more motivated to go out and do the best I could. […]

Homeless World Cup Poznań 2013 – Day 4

Francis Campos & Nicole Webley (Captains)  Francis I woke up today to find out I had been made captain of my country which left me buzzing. What an opportunity. Our first game of the day was against Denmark. Although we lost 4-1 it was our best performance as a team so far. We all worked […]

Homeless World Cup Poznań 2013 – Day 3

Donald Wheatley & Daisy Evans (Captains)  Donald Got made captain of my team for the day, was one of my proudest moments. Love waking up over here! In our first game we played Northern Ireland, they’re a good set of lads, so it was good to get out on a pitch with them. I missed […]

Homeless World Cup Poznań 2013 – Day 1 & 2

Chetan Chauhan & Lisa Gornell (Captains) Chetan I was so overwhelmed to be chosen as England captain for the opening ceremony and first game, what an achievement, I felt like crying with joy. From the start of the first day I had to think like a captain as me and Lisa went to the Lech […]

Team England Day 2013

Billy Wise & Becca Mushrow (Assistant Coaches) Billy Today we started our journey on the Team England road. This road will take us to many places, including this year’s Homeless World Cup in Poznań, but today it was all about St George’s Park, the home of English Football. St George’s Park was the inspirational venue […]

Team England’s adventure at the Futebol De Rua, Portugal

What follows is the story of Team England’s adventure at the Futebol De Rua tournament in Aveiro, Portugal, told by the players themselves. The squad for this activity consisted of: Ahmed Hussein (Arsenal) Andre Hendricks (Arsenal) Joe Lidster (Brighton & Hove Albion) Liam Naisby (Sunderland) Richie Rich (Bristol City) Tom Queripel (West Bromwich Albion) These […]