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Homeless World Cup 2014 – Leadership and passion

Being a Team England Captain takes many qualities – understanding, respect, control. For one Captain, it made his leadership skills shine though. Jahobi It was a pleasure to be given the opportunity to lead my nation. when it was explained why I was selected, I was happy because the words couldn’t have described me any […]

Homeless World Cup 2014 – Qualifying firsts

The finals are in sight! For the first time in Homeless FA history, Team England has qualified into the top eight. Considering the women’s team have been playing together for just a few days, they are super strong. And the bond goes much further than on the pitch. For the men, the competition is incredibly tough. They may […]

Homeless World Cup 2014 – Personal pride

Casey and Josh were picked as Captains for day one, not only leading Team England into their first games, but also leading them through the streets of Santiago for the opening parade. Here’s what they said about their first day: Casey Today, unbeknown to myself, could have potentially been the proudest day of my life. […]

Homeless World Cup 2014 – Highs and lows

Day 2 of the Homeless World Cup in Santiago was pretty extreme – full of highs and lows. While the games were amazing, they were emotional. We’re not going to pretend it’s all smiles and parties out here all of the time. Today, there was some anger and some tears, but by bed time, Team […]

Homeless World Cup 2014 – Parade day and first games

Our arrival in Santiago was immense…but nothing could prepare us for the opening ceremony of the Homeless World Cup. Saying there was a party atmosphere is an understatement. The parade of all competing nations through the streets of Santiago to the tournament site was, according to Team England, one of the best days EVER! There […]

Homeless World Cup 2014 – We’ve arrived!

Day one. More than 15 hours in the air. 24 Players and staff. Some meeting for the first time. Some flying for the first time. To arrive in a place as far and as different as Santiago in Chile could have been overwhelming. But from the moment our plane flew over the snow peaked mountains […]

Team England 2014 – Dutch International Street Cup (Day 3)

For the last couple of days you have heard from our Team England players as they participate in the Dutch International Street Cup. Today’s blog is a bit different. We asked all the players to tell us how the whole experience had made them feel, and what impact it might have on their lives. What […]

Team England 2014 – Dutch International Street Cup (Day 2)

The story of Team England’s adventure at the Dutch International Street Cup, told by the players themselves, continues with the tale of the second day. The following six women were all in Amsterdam alongside the male players from who you heard yesterday: Lizzie Hunt (Derby County) Sam Trotter (Sunderland) Jacqueline Thompson (Brighton & Hove Albion) Jess Gissing (Fulham) […]

Team England 2014 – Dutch International Street Cup (Day 1)

What follows is the story of Team England’s adventure at the Dutch International Street Cup in Amsterdam, told by the players themselves. First up, the men’s team. The following seven are currently across in Amsterdam with six members of the Team England women’s squad (you’ll hear from them tomorrow) for the Dutch International Street Cup: Junior […]

Homeless World Cup Poznań 2013 – Final day

Francis Campos and Kat Blissett    Francis When I woke up this morning it suddenly hit me… today was the last day of the Homeless World Cup, and I really didn’t want to go home. We gathered all of Team England together after breakfast and I could tell that many of my teammates were feeling […]