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Futebol de Rua 2015 – Tara’s blog – New confidence

Tara, who said all along she wanted to captain the side on the final day of Futebol de Rua, lead out the Team England women in their penultimate game this morning. This match, however, was an England fixture with a difference. In the interests of Fair Play the more experienced Lisbon opposition swapped their jerseys for bibs and […]

Futebol de Rua 2015 – Lahna’a blog – Beautiful country

Combative women’s team player Lahna began yesterday’s action in a green jersey, pulling off a string of saves to keep her side in the game against accomplished opposition. In today’s blog she talks about how she wasn’t initially interested in football before attending the Arsenal Training Centre and almost didn’t sign up to the Homeless FA programme at all. […]

Futebol de Rua 2015 – Sarah’s blog – Scoring a screamer

Arsenal Training Centre graduate Sarah has scored some stunning goals since Futebol de Rua began but yesterday she scored a spectacular solo effort against extremely talented opposition. Captain yesterday morning, in her blog today Sarah reflects on how proud she was to lead out her country and how the Team England women are coping in the intense Braga heat.   […]

Futebol de Rua 2015 – Younos’s blog – A little respect

Younos, who came through our Arsenal Training Centre, has played 11-a-side football to a semi professional level and has said he “eats, sleeps and breathes,” football. But, as the aspiring architect, talks about in today’s blog, it’s the programme of workshops off the field which have developed him into a better street football player and helped him […]

Natalie’s blog – Captain Marvel

Yesterday the Team England squad had some free time to walk around Braga before visiting the city’s stadium, known locally as TheQuarry. While the men’s team played the welcome match Natalie, who was selected from our Training Centre at Southampton FC, Natalie was on the sidelines with her teammates cheering them on. Natalie, captain of the women’s side for […]

Futebol de Rua – Waqas’s blog – Football on parade

Team England enjoyed packed day of activity yesterday. After a welcome parade throughout the town, the men’s team opened the tournament with a special friendly match against a team of ex-professional footballers and the city’s Mayor. In our first blog today, Waqas, who came through our Manchester City Training Centre, reflects on the excitement of playing for his […]

Futebol de Rua – Tamsyn’s blog – A difficult day

Most of the players will tell you that travelling with Team England s like nothing they have ever experienced before. But that’s not to say it’s all plain sailing. Our workshops challenge players to think about things differently and reflect on the way they have interpreted events in the past. Some of our players find this quite challenging but, as […]

Homeless World Cup 2014 – Friendships and respect

Flying to Chile, playing as part of a team representing your country, wearing that Captain’s armband…for our Players, these three things mean so much more than being part of a football tournament. They’re markers of an experience that will have a real impact on their lives. For Cherrie and Scott, the Homeless World Cup was an […]

Homeless World Cup 2014 – Look above the crossbar

Whether a game is a win or a lose, it brings a Team closer together. None felt this more than James – someone who openly said this experience had changed his life. For him, “Crossbar” is a term that will stay with him forever. It was a term shared by Philippa in our Believe FC […]

Homeless World Cup 2014 – Leadership and passion

Being a Team England Captain takes many qualities – understanding, respect, empathy, control. For today’s Captains, it made their leadership skills shine though. All this in the face of some tough injuries, especially in the female Team England, which brought both physical and emotional pain. It’s hard when a Player can’t be on the pitch. However, they are still […]